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Finally, a Solution to the Web's Most Hazardous and Disruptive Problems while browsing the Internet:
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  • Block banner and popup ads AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer 2009 Software.

    More than just a popup blocker:

    • Vista Compatible and Windows 7 Compatible (32 bit only) - AdsGone has been tested and works on Microsoft Vista and windows 7 32bit (not supported on 64 bit)
    • Patent Pending Popup Blocking Technology: Blocks unwanted popup ads. Allows the ones you want.
    • Block Banner Ads: Remove all the clutter of all the flashing banner ads.
    • Kill Spyware and AdWare programs: AdsGone can detect and close trojan/virus spyware programs that serve ads.
    • Blocks ads from other programs: AdsGone also blocks ads and popups when using social network sites, and chat sites.
    • Block Macromedia "Flash" ads: These large animated ads take up half the screen.
    • Automatic Updates: AdsGone periodically downloads new ad blocking data once in a while. This keeps AdsGone current with the latest advertiser tricks and spyware/adware detection.
    • Configurable: You can customize which ads to block or allow, play sounds when popups and ads are blocked, check ad blocking logs, see ad blocking statistics and much more...

    A1Tech, Inc. has developed our award-winning AdsGone Popup Killer software to combat the popup ad revolution. This one product alone is all you'll ever need to keep the Internet free of hazardous popup and banner advertisements.

    By almost every standard, AdsGone has established itself as the leading popup and banner elimination software available. With this program, you can finally maximize your enjoyment of the Internet without ever having to worry about those mindless, irritating and potentially damaging popup advertisements.



    Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the power of AdsGone Spyware Blocker and Popup Killer, software. This revolutionary software product protects the Internet surfer from the intrusive Spyware, AdWare, Popup and Banner advertising that continues to plague the Internet.

    AdsGone provides a smoother, safer and more enjoyable online environment and has established itself as the most effective and user-friendly software of its kind.

    Buy AdsGone Today.  There's a 100% money back guarantee!  Hundreds of thousands are already happy A1Tech, Inc. customers.

    Here's what a few AdsGone customers have to say about this remarkable product:

    This is absolutely the BEST [Popup Killer] software I have ever used! All those annoying banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders...THEY'RE GONE! It's amazing how much faster my browsing is going these days. The installation process was painless. Now it just WORKS, completely in the background, and I don't have to do anything! I don't even know it's there…I will certainly tell all my family and friends about this product. Thank you for a truly useful product that does exactly what it says... IT GETS RID OF THE ADS!
      - Michelle Hudson
    After installing this program, my life is so easy now. After 3 hours on the computer, it ditched over 40 pop ups for me. I went to a site today that has an average of 6 pop ups on each page and this great program stopped them all. I am so happy. I will be recommending this to all my friends.
      - Jennie McFarling
    What can I say, but THANK YOU! I can't think of anything more annoying than the irresponsible way many web sites bombard you with popup ads. This [Popup Killer] program is fantastic at stopping both pop ups and banner ads - right from installation without any intervention on my part. But then it's advanced enough to allow me to tweak my heart out if I want. It's effective and unobtrusive, I can't think of a single change that would make AdsGone any better. I really just wanted to thank you for so completely and painlessly eliminating pop ups and banner ads from my web surfing.
      - Scott Kettman

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    User Review

    marvin downs -

    "The best there is!"
    I've downloaded (and ultimately uninstalled) about 10 popup killers because, either 1)they caused problems with my computer or 2)they did not do what they said they would do or 3)they were not compatible with most browsers. AdsGone is the 1st one that did not have any of these problems. Highly recommended! Don't even bother looking anywere else. Well worth the $20.00.

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