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Popup Killer and banner ad stopper. AdsGone - Popup Killer stops pop-up and banner ads.

Click Here to download a FREE trial version of AdsGone - Popup Killer and banner ad blocker today. This Popup Killer software blocks annoying popup window ads and banner ads. It works better than most because it integrates with Ineternet Explorer to be the best Popup Killer software available. Even if you don't use IE, it will still kill most popup and banner ads.

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Rusty -

"The best pop-up blocker there is!"
This product makes the job of eliminating forever the popups that drive you crazy every day. Well worth the $24.95 price for 3 computer coverage. It's entirely customizable, allowing you to ok certain popups that you DO want, while also allowing you to block those forever that you don't. It even blocks the GAIN/Gator popups that are a necessary evil of using the Gator software. I've tried no less than 6 similar programs and none even came close to Adsgone.

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