AdsGone Startup Options:

To Minimize AdsGone Popup Killer: Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner of the Adsgone Window.
Startup Settings: Run AdsGone only when Internet Explorer (IE) runs. IE toolbar button. Auto Download latest ad blocking definitions.

Choose which kinds of ads to block.

Popup Ads: AdsGone has special ability to block most popup ads if you use Internet Explorer (or AOL 6.0 or older). If you use Netscape, this setting has no effect.
Messenger Service and Web Page Dialog popup Ads: AdsGone can block the new Messenger Service ads as well as tricky Web page dialog popup ads.
Block Banner Ads: Many banner ads and several popup ads will be blocked with this setting on. This uses a list of known ad servers and popup ad servers. Any ads coming from those servers will be blocked.
Configure Spyware detection: Click the blue links to configure spyware detetion. AdsGone watches for known spyware programs that serve ads and popups to your desktop.
Internet Explorer: A few extra options are available for Internet Explorer users. Block Macromedia Flash Player to disable “flash” ads. You may also disable animated graphics (normally referred to as animated gifs).

AdsGone can detect and close known SpyWare or AdWare programs.

SpyWare/AdWare: SpyWare and AdWare often serve ads to your desktop. They are basically Trojan Horse viruses that don’t harm your computer, but send personal information to companies on the internet. One of their primary purposes is to serve popups and other ads to your desktop. AdsGone will detect and close these programs.
Notification: If any SpyWare or AdWare is detected, you will be notified and asked if you want AdsGone to close the program.
Customize: By default, all known spyware/adware programs will be closed by AdsGone, but you can always allow them if you wish.
Automatic: When AdsGone periodically downloads ad updates, the list of known SpyWare and AdWare programs are also downloaded so this list changes as new titles are discovered by A1Tech.

Blocking Additional Ads!

Block Ad Servers by host name (domain name): You can customize AdsGone if banner get through. Right click on a banner ad, choose properties, and note the domain name on the URL of the image. If it’s something, you can add the host “” to the blocking list so ads from that server will be blocked from now on!
Block Ads by Window Title: Next time a popup window slips through, leave it open and click this button. You can add it to a “black list”. AdsGone will watch for all windows that contain that text in the window title and close them the next time they appear.

AdsGone System Tray Menu (right-click on it near the clock):

Bring up program settings
Show the Small Statistics Window
Allow recently blocked ads
Close all open browser window (nice if you have several windows open and you’re done browsing)
There are options to add additional entries to the block list
You can temporarily allow popup ads (Internet Explorer only).

Small Ad Blocking Statistics Window

The Mini Stats window shows you current AdsGone Activity
Close this window at any time and AdsGone will still operate
Minimize this window and it will appear on the task bar and show you ad blocking statistics!
Right-Click the AdsGone icon in the system tray for a menu that will allow you to see this mini stats window again.

Assign Hot Keys for special functions.

You could set F9 (or any F key) to temporarily turn AdsGone on and off.
The “boss key” function (assign it to any F key) closes all open Internet Explorer and Netscape Windows in case you are visiting sites you shouldn’t be and someone walks in!

It’s easy to Allow Ads if content is blocked that should be allowed…

There are 3 types of Ads that AdsGone can Block or Allow:

The top button is for ads blocked based on known ad server names (like or Clicking here will let you allow or block specific ad servers.
The middle button is for any popup window that’s closed by AdsGone based on Window Title. You can use AdsGone to close any window. Add and edit the list of window titles you want AdsGone to watch for.
The bottom button allows you to add and remove site addresses from the popup ad “White List”. This only applies to Internet Explorer users.

You can “White List” (allow content) from any ad server. You can add your own servers to block:

Click on items from the left list and move them to the “white list”.
Any ad server sites in the “white list” will not be blocked.
You can also add any ad server domain to the list to block. You are not limited to the ad servers that are included with AdsGone.

Block ANY popup window based on the Window Title:

The list on the left contains the active windows you have on your desktop
Double-Click on an entry to move it to the “blocked list”
You can edit the entry before it’s moved into the “blocked list”
Whenever any window opens on your computer that contains any of your “blocked title text” Adsgone will close those windows.
This lets you use AdsGone to block popup ads whether they come from a web site or from some other internet program you use (like Gator).